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“We wanted a wedding ceremony that was touching and beautiful without any religious references. We were thrilled to have Jason Frye of the Humanist Association of San Diego officiate our ceremony. He provided a template that we were able to customize to our own needs without having to write one ourselves. We loved our Humanist wedding!” -Victoria T.

Weddings and memorial life celebrations are integral to the human experience. They connect us with deep tradition, set an example for the next generation, and most importantly invite our friends and family to participate with us on the most important and intimate events of life’s journey. This is no less so for those of us either independent of or rejecting more mainline religious forms.

The Humanist Association has an experienced Humanist Celebrant available to help you officiate your memorable wedding or memorial life celebration. Humanist Society certified Humanist Celebrant Jason Frye has been performing humanist and other non-theistic weddings and memorials since 2006.

A Humanist wedding is your expression of your commitment to your spouse and an incorporation of your friends’ and family’s commitment to the health and longevity of your relationship. The ceremony incorporates what you celebrate and cherish and can range from solemn to funny. To help, we offer a template to build your perfect ceremony off of.

A Humanist memorial life celebration is a time to reflect, celebrate, and heal. We offer the service of memorial-celebration facilitation as well.

Please contact us to discuss your rites of passage officiation needs.
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