We have regular and special events that cater to activist, volunteer, educational, and recreational interests. For our full and interactive calendar, please see our meetup.com page (Dan, please embed http://www.meetup.com/humanistassociation/). We are also beginning a series of community service events please see our community service page (Dan, please embed) for more information.

Weekly Coffee & Conversation:
Every Saturday evening (6-8 p.m.) we meet at the T-Deli (Dan, please embed http://sdbamboolounge.com) for a current events discussion from a secular humanist perspective. We cover the week’s news through articles, videos, and discussion. It is often insightful, sometimes heated, but always different and enjoyable. The T-Deli (1469 University Ave) has a great food and drink menu. We starting this meeting at a coffee shop in 2008, and moved to the restaurant in 2010; the name “Coffee & Conversation” stuck—even more so than “sushi and slides.”

Monthly Third Sunday Humanist Discussions:
The third Sunday of every month we meet to focus on a particular topic or issue of interest to Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics. We meet at the Joyce Beers Uptown Community Center (1270 Cleveland Ave at 6 p.m.*) as we host speakers, entertainers, and panels. There are certain recurring topics that we cover every year central to the dialogue important to secular and ethical humanism. *We recommend that you park in the underground parking level.

Previous Meetings:

•June: Humanism & Inequality (an introduction to a continuing series on discussion the Humanist perspective on the causes, evaluation, and solutions to racial and income inequality.
•May: Legislative Prayer & an Overview of Greece v. Galloway
•April: Humanism in the News
•March: Reasons for a Secular Government
•February: Conference & Darwin Day Party
•January: What is Humanism


Annual and Special Events.


HumanLight: Every December we celebrate the Humanist winter holiday, HumanLight. This will be a spectacular event this year, more to come on this.

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