Southern California Secular Humanist Conference

HH_HeartAfter a couple decades, the Humanist Association started doing regional  conferences again in 2011. The American Humanist Association’s convention came to town in a large part due to the success of our event two years prior. The success of the AHA’s national event influenced us to have another day-long set of speakers couched between a weekend of great activities. With San Diego being one of the top-ten cities by population and best by weather, what better than having a top-notch gathering in February hosted by Humanist Association President Jason Frye?

Secular Humanist Conference (2011)

Last Supper of Atheism

Sponsored by the American Humanist Association, our premier Southern California Secular Humanist Conference (2011) featured the leadership of many of the national organizations focussing on community development and activism. Roger Nygard showed his film The Nature of Existence. We had stirring speeches from Roy Speckhardt, Sean Faircloth, Jamy Ian Swiss, James Croft, Jason Torpy, Ted Cox, Brian Keith “Mr. Deity” Dalton, Dan Barker, and Michael Newdow.

The Heart of Humanism (2014)


In 2014 we brought the conference back and it was a smashing success. We brought our focus to Humanist Ethics. “Good without God” only gets us so far in both understanding the deeper questions and communicating our position with others. We pared it down to what was really important, the “Heart of Humanism:” Empathy, Ethics, and Building a Better Human Experience. This conference featured Margaret Downey, James Croft, Jamy Ian Swiss, Jennifer Kalmanson, Lilandra, Bobbie Kirkhardt, Linda Patterson, Jamy Ian Swiss, Dan Arel, Maggie Ardiente, Cy Chadley, Victoria Cortés, Steve Hill, and Aron Ra. We also showed Jeremiah Camara’s Contradiction.

Conference 2015: Humanism _____

We are starting work on our February 2015 event. Let us know who you would like to see, and we will make this happen.

2011: SoCalSecHumCon

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2014: The Heart of Humanism

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